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Vanuatu farmers show interest in chicken farming

Farmers in Vanuatu, who are participating in the NARI EU-ARD project, are beginning to realize the potential of poultry farming at household level in meet cash and protein requirement. With the challenges presented by climate change and land degradation, farmers have the opportunity to look after chicken at their backyard using simple techniques.chicken farmer

National Stakeholder Forum

pix Participants at the Vanuatu National Information Sharing and Networking Workshop conducted at Melanesian Hotel, Port Vila, on 26 June 2014. The workshop was facilitated by Seniorl Anzu, Communication Officer of PNG National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), supported by Norah Omot, also of NARI, and the Vanuatu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development team.

The objective was to sought information on the ground on the current practices of information sharing and networking so as to develop a workplan to improve such practices under the project. The event was well attended by sector-wide, in which there was close consultation and dialogue among the stakeholders. The workplan will be implemented in 2015.