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Addressing food shortages during periods of drought at Murukanam, Madang Province

Murukanam in the Madang Province of PNG is an area that occasionally becomes vulnerable to prolonged dry spells, which affect crop production. As part of the project’s efforts to improve food production in dry conditions or during periods of drought, the crop improvement team has been working with target communities to test and provide different drought tolerant species and cultivars using improved production techniques.

Cassava varieties were harvested on November 4, 2014, through a participatory evaluation and selection process, involving community members. Cassava varieties that perform well in terms of both growth performance and yield under this drier environmental condition, as well as farmer preferences in terms of acceptable sensory traits, will be recommended to farmers to address food shortage problems faced in the area during periods of drought.cassava trial field and harvest - Murukanam cassava trial harvest - Murukanam