Derin community accesses safe water source

Hygienic issues, also related to livestock and free roaming animals, pose an eminent threat to already contaminated water sources. Communities like Derin located in Transgogol, Madang Province, face such challenges, especially during prolonged dry seasons.

In collaboration with World Vision, Madang, Derin community members were trained in proper hygienic practices, and suitable water supply and purification systems were identified. Amongst the selected options were hand dug wells, rain water harvesting systems, and water purification through application of biosandfilter and solar disinfection.

Five rain water harvesting systems consisting of 9000 liter tanks each and other hardware were designed and set-up by the Aiyura based EU-ARD soil and water team in July last year. They were officially handed over to the community in October, 2014. Towards the end of the dry season in November last year work to install a shallow hand-dug well started and was successfully completed by December. The well’s clean and fresh water is now available to the community.

dddddddDuring a water purification training held in January 2015, 11 biosandfilters to purify contaminated water were constructed and interested villagers were trained in proper usage. The biosandfilter technology was well received by villagers and many stated that the filtered water tasted good.

Microbiological water quality tests conducted on-site convinced the villagers of the effectiveness of the sandfilters to reduce levels of contamination. WADIS devices which measure solar radiation for solar disinfection, were also distributed to interested villagers. These activities provide options for Derin community members to gain access to safe and secure drinking water.

Water management trainings to prepare the community for the dry season, and monitoring activities, will be conducted throughout the final project year.


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