Food security response after Cyclone Pam

A destroyed banana plantation in Mele, Vanuatu.  Photo:

A destroyed banana plantation in Mele, Vanuatu.

In the wake of the devastating Cyclone Pam that tore apart Vanuatu on March 13 -14, the country is in urgent need to secure food; to quantify all stocks imported and local foods, seeds, and farming tools on the island; and to identify the sources and types of vegetative planting materials available on all islands. The country also requires urgent commitment from Government finance and international agencies for prompt and available finance to purchase locally available supplies.

Vanuatu has taken action on food security needs through The Food and Security Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) which is the coordinating body for all the food security, food aid, and agriculture response to Cyclone Pam.

FSAC in response to pressing needs has undertaken stock assessments on the existing local stock of food aid, seeds, and farming tools, and has sought financial assistance through a memorandum to financiers for emergency food costs as stocks will quickly run out and will need to be purchased immediately to ensure that delivery to the most affected rural areas is not hampered.

Other response efforts that have been undertaken include a preliminary analysis of Emergency Food Aid requirements by islands, along with detailed and budgeted action plans for re-sponse in the areas of agriculture damage assessment, food package, food distribution, food, seeds, farming tool stock assessments, planting materials assessment, extension support, and communications.

Key food security messages on replanting for farmers and communities, and food distribution, are already being aired on local radio.


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