Vanuatu farmers and ICTs, the untapped potential

Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) truly wield the power to bridge the digital divide between Port Vila and rural areas; and build and empower an inclusive knowledge-based information society, something which Vanuatu farmers can attest to.

While farmers in the rural do not watch television, they do listen to radio and read newspapers. Besides, they access information through farmer training and via publications like brochures and leaflets.

These are all poised to change under the implementation of the project.

Recently NARI and DARD officers working with farmers on Tanna and north Efate and a crew from Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV) produced a series of video documentaries. These short videos were produced on kumala propagation, food processing, pig silage, yam propagation and poultry management. They all were telecast on TBV thereafter for public consumption.

While the farmers could not view the episodes from their isolated villagers, their family members and friends in Vila who saw them on television spoke positively about the productions..

However, some farmers who featured in the videos watched themselves in action during a field day in North Efate. They included Popol Timas, a yam farmer from Emua villageand Siviri’s poultry farmer Shem Lock., For the first time ever, they watched themselves in the documentaries on a smartphone.

Delighted farmers watching themselves in video documentaries via a smartphone.

Delighted farmers watching themselves in video documentaries via a smartphone.

Attempts were made to share the videos through Bluetooth.


By Jane Joshua, Vanuatu Daily Post


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