Hisiu farmers attract support for innovative agriculture


Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and model farmers at the Hisiu demonstration during the mini field day on October 8 2015

Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo called on his people to return to agriculture farming for their well-being and self-sustenance during this time when the nation is faced with economic and climatic challenges.

Speaking during a mini field day at the project’s Hisiu site in the Kairuku District of Central Province on October 8, Isoaimo said his office will assist those who are serious in activities that will support themselves in food security and innovative development.

“As a government, I stand ready to help those people who are organised and prepared to help themselves,” Isoaimo said.

He also made a commitment to purchase a tractor for the farmers following their successful agriculture activities, supported by NARI’s Laloki-based Southern Regional Centre.

The project has helped locals becoming innovative farmers in a range of vegetable and root crop productions, livestock development and irrigation system. Under the Crop Diversification component, the introduced interventions were African yam, cassava, poultry and feeding system as well as the rope and washer pump for irrigation.

The field day was held at the demonstration site at Vanua Pakana, which had a lot of the vegetables on demonstration. Farmers who were trained under the arrangement displayed their harvests and farming techniques for the benefit of others who were in attendance to learn.


Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and model farmers at the Hisiu demonstration during the mini field day on October 8 2015

Adviser for Provincial Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Kila Gege, announced that the demo site will be expanded into a Community Resource Centre. Gege also revealed that as part of sustainability PDAL will also support with vegetable seeds and an improved irrigation system.

Isoaimo said Kairuku Hiri is the largest electorate in the province in terms of population and land area as it is made up of two districts with more than 121 000 people who have many needs.

“When compounded with national cash flow issues and delays in the release of electoral funds, it becomes difficult to deliver to all our people,” he said.

However with little funding that becomes available, Isoaimo said: “I will pay attention to those who are organised and are willing to work alongside partners like NARI and DAL for communal benefits as villages, clans and the society”.

Isoaimo said the tractor will take away a lot of the labor that is involved so that the farmers can continue to engage in farming to support their household food security and income needs.

The one-day event was also attended by the Fresh Produce Development Agency, City Mission, MicroFianance Bank, Kairuku District Development Authority, and farmer groups from Sogeri, Yule Island and a number of constituencies in the electorate.

Isoaimo thanked NARI and the provincial and district DAL staff who have supported agriculture development in his electorate.


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